My work relates to specific projects and commissions, made in response to sites, historic properties and museum collections. I would urge visitors to take time to explore the Project pages to find out why and how these works were made.

You can see more work and a full CV on the Axis Artists website.


Degrees,Minutes, Seconds2 Thumb1 Degrees Minutes Seconds 

Tidelines Thumb1 Tidelines       

 Gathering Dust Thumb Gathering Dust, Collecting Shadows

Migration Thumb Patterns of Migration

Manifold Thumb Manifold Works

Pieces of Sky Thumb Pieces of Sky

Dust and Shadows Thumb Dust and Shadows

Hellish Moths Thumbs Hellish Moths Still Gnaw and Fret (Arabella Stuart)

Shafts and Levels Thumb Ash Miniatures

Miracle Thumb Books

Movie Thumb Film