Work – Patterns of Migration

Drawings for Bede’s World museum and monastic site to mark the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the North East of England – June – September 2013 (see Project).


Observing Orbits1_edited-1

Observing Orbits 150 x 400cm pencil, ink, ephemera

Orbits Detail8

Orbits Detail

Orbits Detail12

Observing Orbits details, pencil, ink, ephemera



4 Eggs_edited-1

Charting Hemispheres detail, ink on envelopes


Arctic Circles2

Arctic circles detail, pencil, ink, ephemera


Arctic circles detail, pencil, ink, ephemera



Ocean Crossings detail, pencil, ink, ephemera


Ocean Crossings detail, pencil, ink, ephemera


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