Shafts and Levels – Teikyo University of Japan


I have installed a small number of the works on metal called “Shafts and Levels” in the library of the Teikyo University of Japan which is an institution sited on the Durham University campus. Students from all over Japan spend a year there studying English. It is a beautful building, simple, light and nicely proportioned but its most important feature is the Zen garden in the central courtyard, the only one of its kind in the North of England.

Its is great to see the paintings against this backdrop surrounded by thousands of Japanese books. The bars, bands and blocks nicely complement the garden’s discrete composition and raked gravel.



Shafts and Levels 2


The pieces, 14 miniatures and three drypoint etchings, are about the leadmining landscape of Upper Swaledale in Yorkshire, a landscape stonewalled by centuries of sheep rearing and scarred by an ancient industry. I wanted to reflect the surface structure and underlying geology of the dale as well as lay down a small testament to the tough lives of the people who made and are still making this landscape.


Swaledale snow









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