I have installed Dust and Shadows in the Gallery of Wonder at the Great North Museum:Hancock in Newcastle. Conceived and curated by Irene Brown, Head of Fine Art at Newcastle University, it is a display case set aside to show contemporary work which relates to the notions of collecting and archiving. The other half of the exhibition, One Minute by Shirley Chubb is shown in the lancet windows on the steps leading up to the entrance of the Hatton Gallery.

Dust and shadows was originally made for Wing and a Prayer at the Dorman Museum in Middlesbrough to mark Darwin’s bicentenary. The sixty-four tins containing images of extinct moth species painted using ashes and smoke were displayed in a rusted steel cabinet. At the Hancock it is interesting to see them in a brightly lit wall cabinet. I am also showing the large digital print Light Trap, an image based on photographs of my moth trap taken in the garden on dark summers night.

On my worktop at the moment are the series of 56 postcard-sized ink and collage drawings called Arctic Circles which I have been working on since December. They are about the birds who regularly migrate from Scandinavia and the Arctic regions to or via the holy island of Lindisfarne off the Northumbrian coast. They are variations on the motif at the centre of the St. Luke Cross Carpet Page  in the Lindisfarne Gospels, an arrangement of circles within a square I have used in a number of works, including Moths and Moons. The plan is to mount them as a concertina book which will stretch for about 4 metres when extended!